Amigos Fieles

Animal Protection and Rescue Foundation

Join our mission to rescue and save animals and help us create a better future for them

Animal Protection and Rescue Foundation

- Non-profit Organisation
- animal shelter
- spay and neuter program

Our mission with the Amigos Fieles:

rescue dogs in Puyo and its surroundings, rehabilitate, neuter and care for them, find a loving home, educate people about animal welfare.

Become part of our animal welfare work because together we can improve the lives of street dogs.

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2019 – NOW

Our dogshelter

Our shelter in Tarqui, as well as various care centers in the area offer a temporary home for our shelter dogs.

In addition to our permanent residents of our shelter, there are many more dogs looking for a loving home.

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Spay and Neuter Program

The neutering practice operated by our veterinarian in our shelter in Tarqui, Pastaza, allows us to neuter both the animals in our care and for a fee the cats and dogs of animal owners of the region.

This makes it possible for us to pursue sustainable animal protection and to actively improve the situation on site through public relations work.

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Support us in our efforts


We need your help!

With your support, we stand up for animals in need and can take care of our dogs in the shelter.

We as a non-profit animal welfare organization are urgently dependent on donations.