Fundación Amigos Fieles

Everything about our animal protection organization

We, the Fundación de Protección y Rescate
Animal Amigos Fieles, are a non-profit-making animal protection organization in Puyo, Ecuador.

As a group of friends we founded Amigos Fieles in 2019 as an NGO in order to rescue animals.

We managed to build a small animal shelter in Tarqui. Additionally, we are cooperating with foster homes, which are taking dogs into care temporarily.

In our animal shelter we have dogs which were abandoned or freed from bad living conditions.

Our goal is to take dogs into care, nurse them back to health and reintegrate them in responsible foster homes.

As an official authority for spaying and neutering we are regularly running campaigns to provide a cheap possibility for the local residents to neuter their animals.

Our Team

Furthermore, we offer educational opportunities about animal protection and try to raise awareness in the population.

For this, cooperation with public educational institutions is essential.

Our Team

We are…:

– an interdisciplinary and international team, including a local veterinarian

– united in our fight for a better future for the animals in our region

Chris with schoolkids
Rescue of Pauli